About me

Made for you with Love

Terra Ceramics Prague is the result of my long-lasting passion for ceramics. My bright and cozy atelier is located in the beautiful city of Prague. I love design and simplicity and it inspires me everyday to create objects that are both functional and unique.

In my studio, I like to explore the endless possibilities of the clay and in my designs you will always find a touch of Mediterranean roots through warm yet strong designs. Brush strokes, bold geometric patterns or wobbly shapes are a few examples of my signature pieces.
I create my pots on the potter’s wheel or by hand and glazes are carefully chosen to reveal each piece’s unique personality.

I enjoy the solitude of the process and the sole relationship with the clay. But I also love to share and I feel extremely lucky to teach students from all over the world. It is a very enriching everyday experience.


About the Atelier

The Atelier is located in the lively district of Vinohrady in Prague 2. It is equipped with a large selection of glazes, clays, decorative materials and tools.

The pottery classes are taught in French and English in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I also speak a “survival” czech to level B1 😉 .

The classes are opened to adults, children and families. All levels from beginners to advanced are welcomed to the atelier!

Terra ceramics is a pottery workshop aimed at all the people out there who would like to unleash their creativity.  Creativity impacts upon every fields of our lives and helps us become more complete. If you are one of those who spent their lives thinking they were not creative then it’s never too late.